Our Community

Our community is located in the heart of Hallandale Beach.  With close proximity to Parks, Wallmart, Restaurants, Marina and the Beach any one can enjoy their life here.  .

Benefits of Living in a Community

There are several reasons the number of community associations has exploded from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands over the decades. The benefits our homeowners enjoy most are:

  • Maintained Property Values. According to the Community Associations Institute, homes in managed communities are often worth 5 percent more than those in traditional communities.  DeSoto  is back to being self managed with in-house property manager and a board addressing issues on daily basis.
  • Amenities and Services.  
  • We have a beautiful swimming pool,  2 tennis courts. On site management office.  At this time community is going through some upgrades.  Please pardon our appearance, we are in process of finishing with drainage project, resurfacing of the pool.  Our 40 year certification has been completed for all 6 buildings.  At this time we are working on finishing the clubhouse.  This is a lovely community where people come to live and enjoy their home.
  • Sense of Community. Our community is a place to connect in a world that is increasingly disconnected.